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CHayalot Activities 

The future of the Jewish nation

When people think about the IDF soldiers stationed in and around Hevron, they more often than not, think about big, burly men with five o’clock shadow and a wicked tan. Usually, they would be right. But when it comes to Batsheva Cohen and her circle of female soldiers, they could not be more off point! Well, besides for the wicked tan.


Batsheva, the fearless Rebbetzin of Chabad of Hevron has melded her roles as homemaker, Rebbetzin, caterer, event planner, coach, teacher and mentor in the most perfect of ways. She is, at the same time, caring for her six children and her 100 adopted children…. The female troops of the IDF.


When Rosh Hashana is coming around, not only is Batsheva preparing to host hundreds, she’s also devising the best way to engage Israel’s female troops with the spirit of the Holiday. With the sweet new year about to commence, Batsheva can be seen making honey cakes with women in green, army issued guns abound the kitchen.


Shavuot? Batsheva and her sisterhood can be seen baking the world’s best cheesecakes west of the Jordan River. And at Chanukah time, get ready for the best Latkes you can find!


With her hands-on workshops, including candlestick making, packing Mishloach Manot and visiting the local Mikveh, Batsheva employs all her resources to make the female soldiers feel at home and loved. And loved they are… The memories created in Hevron last with them forever.


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