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Restoration & Preservation

Keeping history alive

With the Matriarchs and Patriarchs on our backyard, Chabad of Hebron has longed believed in restoring Hevron to the ancient glory deserving of such personalities. We believe the saying “if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward” and thus take an active role in the repair and restoration of sites throughout the area.


With the establishment of Chabad of Hebron deeply rooted in the rich Chabad history Hevron boasts, we have been successful in restoring old properties owned by the Rebbe’s and the Chabad community at large. Since our inception, Chabad of Hevron has been involved in many restoration projects including the Kever of Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel and the ancient Jewish Cemetery of Hevorn, the “Mittler Rebbe’s Shul and the Chabad room in Beit Romano.


Beyond properties of Chabad, our team has assisted and managed the restoration and repair of many other sites. Among the projects are the “7th Step Garden,” where Jewish people gathered for hundreds of years when their entry to Me’arat Hamachpeila was denied.


Additionally, Chabad of Hevron is proud to have played a part in the restoration of Gan Dagan in the Tel Romeda neighborhood, overlooking all of Hevron, in memory of Maj. Dagan Vertman, killed in Gaza in 2009.


Thanks to our teams, general upkeep of the area has risen to an all time high and local gardens, sites, playgrounds and Mikvaos have been renovated, built and kept up. The area just outside of Shechunat Avraham Avinu and others around Hevron have also seen a facelift and continue to be upkept to the highest standards.


Chabad of Hevron - making Hevron look good every day!

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