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Visit Hebron

Keeping history alive

When one thinks about a visit to the Holy Land, the shores and bustle of Tel Aviv, the greenery of the Galilee and the Golan Heights and of course the majesty of the Western Wall are likely what comes to mind. One thing is for certain, for most, the first thing that comes to mind is almost certainly not a visit to ancient Hebron. 

However, with Jewish history deeply rooted in the streets and hills of Hebron, Jewish lore, Kabbalah and Chassidic teachings relate that Hebron represents the roots of the Jewish people. Thus, we strongly recommend it being added to every itinerary. Our team is here to help you arrange a visit and tour of Hebron’s ancient and modern sites of major Jewish significance. 

Hebron, nestled deep in the hills of Samaria, tells a story of the Jewish people like no other city in Israel. Whilst it is regarded as perhaps the second holiest place in the Jewish world, in other ways, it takes the top spot, namely, as the first place legally purchased by the Jewish people.

It is known that Eretz Yisrael has “Four Holy Cites” (Jerusalem, Tiberias, Tzfat, Hebron) each corresponding to one of the four elements of fire, water, wind and earth respectively. Hebron and earth have lots in common. Hebron is in the earthy hills of Israel. And of course, within the earth of Hebron, our Matriarchs and Patriarchs were interred.


It is taught that all prayers of the Jewish people leave the lips and then begin a journey to Hashem. Along that journey, wherever in the world it may originate, the prayers pass through Hebron. Why not come here and deliver the prayers to the source yourself? 

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