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Chabad's Hebron emissaries bring the Rebbe’s warmth, love, and wisdom to local on-duty soldiers and residents, as well as countless visitors and pilgrims seeking the spiritual comfort, inspiration, and excitement of Ma'aarat HaMachpela - the Cave of the Patriarchs here in the City of the Forefathers of the Jewish Nation. Our mission is the universal vision of bringing MOSHIACH NOW!

Hebron is one of the toughest places to serve; yet thanks to Chabad, I had a blast, and also gained a spiritual connection to the city


The Rebbe

Chabad of Hebron is proud to be part of the global Chabad army to prepare the world for the coming of Moshiach.

Soldier Activities 

Caring for those protecting the Landting

Hebron Heritage 

Bringing Hebron's History to life

"The Me'arat HaMachpela is the entrance to Gan Eden."

The Zohar

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Avraham Avinu 770, Hebron, 90200, ISRAEL


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